Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Dress Modestly

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Dress Modestly | By Baano

What you wear reflects your personality. You have no control over your physical features that have been bestowed upon you by nature. However, you can adequately amend or enhance the way you look by choosing your attire. The choice of dressing is heavily influenced by trends, schools of thought, and peer pressure.

Similarly, we all hear the phrase "dressing up modestly" now and then. Living in this part of the world seems like a positive thing to advise or say about some woman that she has dressed up modestly. Due to certain reasons, i.e. social conditioning or ideological apparatus control, some people tend to think of someone confined or oppressed when modestly dressed women come into question.

If revealing or any other type of clothing is a woman's choice, so is she completely free to choose to be dressed modestly. Here, we have penned down some top reasons that may lead you to clear your misunderstandings about the modestly dressed women. These reasons may even lead you to dress up modestly yourself. So, clear your head, neutralize it, and let's get to know some rational facts!

1. Independence Of Expression Of Style

It is an utter step towards women's empowerment if they are given the right to dress up the way they want. If they are motivated or accepted to be dressed revealingly, they should also be given a chance to dress up modestly if they feel comfortable. It is a strange thing to half-imply the ideology of women's freedom when judged for literally doing what they are stirred to do in this century. Hence, one of the reasons women want to dress up modestly is because they like to look this way and need the freedom to express their style.

2. Avoiding Attention

Let's get it straight. When do you feel most eyes on you? When are you wearing revealing clothes or when you are covered? Everyone likes to stare at pretty things. Your beautiful hair and glowing skin can be a worthy sight for anyone. Some women enjoy getting admired, but some get annoyed by it. If you are one of those who are rather exasperated by the stares, then maybe dressing modestly can save you from the annoyance! Even if you love to get the admiration, you may still want to have a camouflaged day now and then. In this way, you can instill modest dressing in your wardrobe and avoid the paparazzi whenever you want!

3. Religious Proliferation

Almost all religions propagate modesty. Even if it is Christian nuns or Muslim women, they are supposed to cover themselves head to toe and not become objects of exhibition. If you belong to a religion, then maybe religious attire can help you follow or proliferate your school of thought in a better way. In this way, you can amend your outlook to match your spiritual beliefs.

4. Entering Into A New Horizon Of Styling

Just like when we start listening to a new music genre and step into a new world of perception, our change of styling can also change our outlook on life. When you choose modest dressing as your new style, you will find out that you can put your creative skills into play in new ways. Choosing a different type of styling will blow a new life into your lifestyle, and everyone will notice the change!

You can do more shopping and wear accessories you never had a chance to wear before!

5. Protecting Skin & Hair

Modest dressing often requires you to cover up your body as much as you can. It's the best way to save their skin and hair from the pollutants and toxic environment out there. It's one of the many benefits of wearing modest clothes that you will get to protect your hair and skin in the best way so you can flaunt them in the best manner when you want.

6. A Good Change Now And Then

Modest clothing does not have to be a lifestyle. You can add such clothes to your inventory and wear them sometimes. It is really important to unlearn the prejudices against modest clothing so that you can enjoy them just like any other dressing style. The modest dresses can also be worn without conforming to certain ideologies because they are also a cultural symbol. Women living in Muslim countries can wear Abayas or Hijabs because of cultural expectations.

7. Discreetness

Well, don't we sometimes walk to the superstore while hoping that we don't bump into our old fellows? No matter how cold or antisocial it may sound, we all do, have done or wanted to do this at some point. It is human nature to need space to breathe and have loner days. If you are looking for discreetness while doing all your work out there, wearing an abaya or modest dress can help you achieve that in an accepted way. When invisible cloak does not work, get an Abaya and rock the world!

8. Conforming To Gender Roles

Not all women are against gender roles. Many gender students are in favor of gender expectations. Historically, women are expected to dress modestly. So, if you are one of those women who want society to work in a gender-conforming manner, you may buy a dress or two that fall under the category of modest dressing!

9. You Want To Be Seen As You

When you wear revealing clothes, you must have observed that people start objectifying you. Whether it is right or wrong, it is just put into people's nature to SEE what they SEE. Therefore, if you want to shred off attention from your body towards your personality, dressing up modestly can be a great option! Dressing up modestly can lead people to listen to you because they would not find much to stare at.

10. Saying Much Without Saying Much

Modest dressing is a religious symbol most generally. Therefore, if you want people to know about you and your values without speaking a word, you can invest in some modest dresses. It can help you in getting identified as opinionated women with boundaries.

So, these are some of the many reasons that can persuade you or make you understand the notion behind women's modest clothing. A large population of women are happily observing most lifestyles, and we need to respect their choice!

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