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Our main aim is to offer beautiful contemporary modest clothing options to women of all ages, sizes, and personal preference. As a women's own designed house, we know how hard it is to find the right pieces that are comfortable and stylish. We understand that every woman is different, which shows our customers' diverse tastes of styles. Keeping this in mind, we design each piece with ease of movement, comfort, modest cuts to make sure we leave you feeling elegant, confident, and luxurious for every occasion in your life.

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We are a US-based design house dedicated to making every woman feel beautiful and confident. Each piece is designed to give comfort and make you feel empowered. Our high range of options, in addition to our cutting edge designs and fabrics, make us the top choice for women all over the world. Every piece is made with extra care as we take pride in our designs and attention to detail. At Baano, we use only the finest materials, considering all your comfort needs. Our design collection covers traditional and modest styles such as Jerseys, Abaya, Kimono, Cotton Dresses, Long Maxi Dresses, Kaftan, Khaleeji Abaya, Midi Dresses more. From our modern styles like our collection of summer and everyday midi dresses to our conservative types like our apostolic, tznius, Mormon, and pentecostal inspired designs, we have all your shopping needs covered.

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